People We Have Got to Study Our Word!

How and Why Should You Study the Bible?


The Holy Bible is the most purchased book in the entire world. It has been translated into more languages than any other book, and is available even within the English language in what is known as Bible translations in order to further assist the Bible student in his or her efforts to learn more.


Basically there are five main ways to study the Bible. These five ways include: Hearing the word; Reading the word; Studying the word; Memorizing the word and Meditating on the word. Let’s consider these for good measure.


One of the easiest ways to become familiar with the Bible and to have your appetite whetted for more is to attend a Bible teaching and preaching church where you are able to hear the word of God taught from the Bible. Now, I realize that many so-called churches of today are criticized for being light on Scripture and perhaps this criticism is fair. The task then is to find a Bible-believing and teaching congregation and go eat it up.


Next, there must be a desire for the Bible through daily reading. The Bible states that we should desire the milk of the Word just as newborn baby’s desire milk. Now, if you’ve ever had a little one around you know that is a strong desire. Most babies cry for and drink milk all day and most of the night. Think about how much desire that equates to–we’re talking cravings.


Once you’ve heard the word and studied the word the next step is to study what you have digested. It is a good idea to get a good commentary Bible for this portion. Men and women who have studied the Bible and been trained in how to properly exegete the Scriptures from the original text offer information and context in these helps. A great concordance, which defines original words, is the Strong’s.


The longest chapter in the book of Psalms is 119. In this chapter the psalmist writes that he has hidden the word of God on his heart so that he won’t sin against God. This is one of the purposes of scripture memorization. In addition, memorizing Scripture helps as a guide when you need advice (It is a lamp and light) and it helps you to develop discernment so that you might be able to know good from evil.


Lastly, meditate on what you have heard, read, studied and memorized so that you might have a grasp and understanding of what you know. Obedience is an observable fruit of true discipleship to Christ. The follower of Christ must know what the Bible says and understand it’s meaning in order to walk in obedience to the word.


Following this model of study will enable you to grow in your spiritual walk and understand more of the truths of the Bible so that you might be able to encourage others to share your love for the milk and meat of the Word.

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