I Can Through Christ…

I was just reading a blog from a co-laborer for Christ, Pam Davis and I started to ponder just what I would do if I truly believed that I can do all things through Christ Jesus. Ofcourse, I realize that this scripture deals with things that are godly and that glorify God so I am committing to be prayerful about the things I have allowed to hinder His work and use of me.

The scriptures teach that in a great house there are many vessels–there are some of gold and some of silver there are even some of clay. In addition some of these vessels are seen as vessels of honor and some are referred to as vessels of dishonor. I’m hoping to be a vessel of honor for our Lord. I want to be one that He can look down upon and say, “Look at my Robin. She is once again being an obedient daughter who glorifies me with her total being.” Oh how I desire the Father’s great pleasure!

In Christ I have been given the opportunity to be pleasing to God. Through Christ I have been given the chance to serve the Master of the universe through the use of my gifts and obedience to His calling.

Are you doing all you can to be all you can be for His glory?

The great of the kingdom have been those who loved God more than others did. A.W. Tozer

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