A Lady Never Asks, Neither Does She Tell!

I just celebrated another birthday on March 8th. It was a little sad for me because the Missionary was out of town and the girls were on their own. They did the perfect thing in their position and I was so proud of them. They pre-arranged for my dear friend and business partner, Richele(and I should add here that she is the best cake maker in the world) to bake me a cake, mark it with a “R” for Robin and crew and invite me over to visit. I arrived at her home and there was my beautiful cake! A wonderfully pink and white polka dot chocolate cake for a girly girl like me. A surprise birthday just for me!

This whole thing caused me to recollect on a lesson I was taught years ago that has always stuck with me. I was taught that it was impolite to ask anyone, be they female or male, their age. Many people are very sensitive about their age. In addition, one’s age ought not to matter and it may cause prejudicial behavior. You’d be surprised how differently some people react once they know someone’s age.

Suffice it to say a lady (or gentleman for that matter) never asks and she (or he) doesn’t need to tell. Did you ever notice that the Bible talks a lot about the ages of men but, you only ever hear about one woman’s age and that’s because she was a walking miracle who gave birth in her 90’s!

Be blessed & CG:)


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