Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”

Saying ‘Thank You’ is an etiquette standard. It might seem to be a no-brainer for even those of you who don’t pay particular attention to manners or etiquette. However, even those of us who do may tend to over look some folks we should be thanking for their kindnesses, help and service.


1 Thessalonians 5:17-19,King James Version (KJV)
“Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Quench not the Spirit.”

First and foremost, we must remember to thank our sovereign God for and in all things. When you pray as the Believer is exhorted to do–at all times– you are communicating with the Lord and Creator of all heaven and earth. It is only right that you take the time to thank Him with your praise and with your gratitude. The Lord is good and His mercies endure forever. Knowing this is definitely worth a daily, “Halleluia!”

Here is a list of ‘Who to Send a Thank You Note (Besides the Obvious!) and Why’

  • Your Nurse. Those who cared for you or your loved one during your recent hospital stay deserve a special thank you note and perhaps even a box of chocolates for the unit staff.
  • Your child’s teachers. This includes the school, piano, Sunday School, art or any other teacher involved in making a difference to your child’s life.
  • Your child’s coach. Coaching is very difficult and often times stressful. It shows thoughtfulness on your part to send a note at the end of the season showing your gratitude for the energy put into your child.
  • Personal Shoppers ought to be thanked. I know that these are paid, however, this is a very helpful service and you want your shopper to know just how much you appreciate him or her.
  • Housekeeper’s should be thanked personally either with a bonus payment at some point during the year or with a heartfelt note and perhaps some candy.

Basically this will boil down to anyone who serves or helps you or someone whom you employ. These are but a few commonly overlooked thanks that I wanted to highlight. Etiquette demands that you behave courteously and with grace. Your recipients will be very grateful for your acknowledgement of their hard work and efforts.

Help! We're losing our youth to the culture!

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