Before we get to Columbus

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COMMENTARY | Robin Bickerstaff Glover

For many Baptists traveling north and east for this month’s Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, Ohio probably feels like an out-of-the-way destination. Before moving to Chicago earlier this year, my husband, Steven (an IBSA zone consultant), and I lived and ministered in Ohio for several years. Those of us in the Midwest know the state as an influential place whose opinions and politics can affect the whole country, and where the gospel is desperately needed.

Robin_Glover_calloutIn the 1980s, Columbus, the state capital, adopted a new slogan, proclaiming the city “the heart of it all.” Truly, time and again, the state has proven to be a powerful community in politics. As one Washington Post columnist wrote before the 2012 presidential election: “As Ohio goes, so goes the presidential race.”

But how much do we know about its capital? Here are some facts and figures: Columbus is…

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